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How does Etio AI® Work?

Decision assistance and automation AI.

Etio’s decision platform enables decisions at scale by applying industry-leading AI, Decision Intelligence, and Automation to decision making.

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    Continuously monitor change.

    Etio’s fully autonomous continuous intelligence watches every dataset and metric to detect high-impact events faster than humanly possible and notify you in real-time about the important changes.

    Etio synthesises complex analysis into easy to digest narratives so that every decision maker and decision team can access relevant updates in one frictionless interface.

    Spikes and Drops
    Trends and Shifts



    Distil complex analysis into curated insights.

    Etio’s AI-powered digital cockpit provides business-wide oversight of data, KPIs, and curated datasets – helping decision makers to understand what is going on at a glance , without the need for too much supporting detail. Responsive dashboards and intelligent alerts enable teams to use data to improve decision making.

    Etio presents an analysis of data in a simple and beautiful visual way to help you find sides to the story that you never imagined. We’ve already built the models and written the queries for the most useful answers to your questions: from computing growth in impact to seasonal trends about product sales or analysing the change in your dataset.


    Understand shifts and trends.

    Etio Trends presents yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly trends to help you understand change over time. 

    Each insight provides drill-downs to get more information or evidence and uses data visualisation, narrative generation, and storytelling to transform massive amounts of data into digestible curated insights using visual question and answer sets, events, and guided recommendations.

    Causal Impact Analysis
    Growth Velocity
    Top Charts
    Unexpected Trend


    Predict future events.

    Etio’s predictive power drives accurate prediction and forecasting to provide foresight in a range of business scenarios.

    Etio’s autonomously learns and predicts using automated learning and inference and runs and operates the complete pipeline from dataset ingestion to deployed and verified machine learning models.

    In an AI-driven system, the right level of explanation is key. Etio describes predictions and forecasts with confidence levels and clear explanations that help you understand how the system works.


    Model future outcomes.

    Prescriptive models and analytics help you to anticipate what will happen, when it will happen, and why it will happen. Etio suggests decision options and shows the implication of each decision option.

    Forecast Demand
    Predicted Returns
    Predicted Issues


    Create clarity with context-rich decision areas.

    Etio helps you improve decision making by bringing together and reconciling multiple points of view in one tool. With features that enable you to advocate and explain decision paths to stakeholders, make interventions and record and investigate their outcomes – all with clear and concise decision dialogues to help your teams.

    • Scale up and speed up decision making.
    • Make interconnected decisions
    • Collaborate with different groups.
    • Classify decisions as decision types.

    Decision Areas

    Collaborate and set decision actions.

    Collaborate on decisions anywhere, anytime.
    Etio brings your team together wherever you are so you can continue to collaborate, manage and track your decisions in one place with the collaborative decision making features that are needed for your teams to collectively make choices from the alternatives before them.


    Take action with human or machine processors.

    Etio allows you to combine humans and AI in decision workflows. Etio leverages data to empower companies to bring AI into decision workflows and get humans out of the way when required and delegate decision actions to AI Processors or Human Processors.

    Human Processors
    When human judgment is still central using summarised data as a new input.

    AI Processors

    For routine decisions or when analysis to millions of groupings is required.

    Causal Discovery and Outcome Evaluation

    Evaluate the outcome of every action and discover causal effect.

    Etio’s Causal Discovery AI fully autonomously discovers to what extent different actions and interventions have contributed to an incremental lift in metrics and indicators.

    Causal inference answers the question of “why” something happens and determines whether changes in X cause changes in Y. Our causal discovery engine infers the expected effect a given intervention had on an outcome

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