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is an intelligent machine
for AI-driven decisions.

Etio is a decision artificial intelligence platform that plugs into an organisation’s existing data and systems to create intelligent decision workflows. Etio’s self-learning system for decision assistance and automation learns, creates data stories, and autonomously orchestrates and evaluates decisions.

Etio operates the complete decision workflow and takes action to optimise against business goals. The result: better and faster decisions.

Accelerate and improve decisions.

Managers at a typical Fortune 500 company may waste more than 500,000 days a year on ineffective decision making — through boredom, paralysis, and anxiety. 

Etio’s mission is to fundamentally improve the capability to make better decisions using AI and Decision Intelligence. 

Etio enables visionary c-levels, founders, and executives to align their teams around decisions and build the collaborative end-to-end decision process to untangle decision making.


combines optimisation and simulation with machine learning and causal inference to help organisations find the right choice, make decisions, and take action with humans or machines.


is a decision integrator for disparate and siloed functions.

Bring decision intelligence together with integrated predictions, forecasts, and optimisations from every analytics and AI system surfaced in one place – organised into decision spaces.

No more silos or miscommunication between departments and across locations. Etio makes it easier for people from different functions and parts of a business to work together and keeps decision makers engaged, informed, and focused on decisions.

Etio helps people work at the same cadence, use compatible processes, and base their decisions on the same data.


learns the next normal much faster than before.

Etio’s predictive power allows it to base its forecasts on many more factors and learn the “next normal” much faster than traditional approaches.  Etio helps you leverage the opportunities of Industry 4.0 by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Causal Discovery, Advanced Analytics, and Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) into decision intelligence — resulting in a system that allows decision making teams to react quickly and make the best possible decisions.


Connect data and AI outputs

Integrate data, datasets, metrics, indicators, and AI outputs in one system


Build decision intelligence

Generate predictions, forecasts, and optimisation advice to assist decision making


Turn data into stories

Automatically transform data into elegant data stories.


Create decision spaces

Allow decision teams across disparate and siloed functions to collaborate.


Automate decision actions

Define automation that can be handed over to machines to execute.


Follow and evaluate outcomes

Discover the casual impact of decisions.

Take action with machine or human processors.


Decision Workflows.

Etio’s Decision Artificial Intelligence ™ assists you in decision workflows with advanced tools to deliver high quality and fast decisions.

Etio encourages collaboration across domains and acts as an integrator for disparate and siloed functions.


Decision Workflows.

Etio’s Decision Artificial Intelligence ™ provides the engine to bring AI into decision workflows and get humans out of the way when required by delegating decision actions to AI Processors.

Build decision intelligence.

Etio provides the decision intelligence tools and predictive power to help teams excel at decision making and to make good decisions fast, execute decisions quickly, and evaluate the outcome from their actions.

Etio’s AI automates decision making without user involvement to reduce the tedious or repetitive actions needed to help you scale operations and create new possibilities that weren’t possible without automation.


spans every industry and business function.

From sustainability and green operations to supply chain efficiency and digital transformation, Etio’s Decision AI spans every industry to help you solve a broad range of management challenges and generate real results today. Etio’s advanced AI provides your company with the deep AI capability you need to transform decision making and achieve extraordinary outcomes.



Food and
Consumer Goods

Healthcare and
Life Science

Etio SaaS


Etio’s end-to-end data and decision AI cloud automates and operates the entire data, machine learning, and analytics pipeline for decision intelligence.

SaaS Decision AI Application.

  • Decision Automation
  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Interactive Decision Spaces
  • Outcome Evaluation
  • Decision Workflows
  • Interactive Data Stories
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SaaS Decision AI Cloud.

  • Automated Data Transformation
  • Automated Machine Learning
  • Causal Discovery
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Prediction
  • Optimisation
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Frequently asked

How do I get started with Decision AI?

Get in touch with the Etio team and we can discuss how our transformational products can vastly improve your decision workflows and support your decision-making teams.  We recommend a 1-hour introductory meeting where we learn more about you and you learn more about us.

How do I pay for Etio?

Etio is priced by the number of data sources, users, decisions, and the data and compute power needed to support your organisation.  Projects include a one-time startup fee and a yearly subscription model pricing.  

Can you work with my AI projects?

Yes, we can work with your predictive systems and analytics outputs and add them as a new data source to Etio.  We often provide multiple predictions for each decision and action taken — so the more the predictions to benchmark, the better.


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